A comparison between Twitter and Facebook, I read countless times reads "On Facebook, you learn to hate your friends. On Twitter, you learn to love strangers. "A very broad generalization, I think, but the basic idea remains. The difference between the tone, openness and humility on Facebook and Twitter is incredibly large.

So, how do you use Twitter today? Many see this as the private and Twitter open. Quite right, while it is completely wrong. It depends on who you ask, simply. I personally use it as a channel to share with you interesting links, network and share with you myself.

But back to the vital question, how can you and your company using Twitter?



We start in the most logical end. How do you write a tweet? What is a hashtag? What is a retweet? Why should you add a hashtag in your tweets and why you should retweet some things your customers write?

Getting started with Twitter is easy, but knowing how to use it in the future can be difficult.I

How do you write a tweet? Check in the left column. Write. Press Tweet.

Mention / Mention? When someone enters your @ username in a tweet.

Hashtag? Categorizing. Example: you place a job ad tags you with #nyttjobb.

Retweet? Repetition of what someone else wrote. "Share" is the equivalent of the FB.

DM? Direct Message. Private messages.

Trends? A hashtag or a word used much at the moment.

To tweet is all about being social. To converse rather than dictate. The key ingredient to having a happy relationship with your customers on Twitter is precisely this. Listen to what is said and behave accordingly. All criticism is not really constructive, it's all about finding what you can do to correct the problem.



It is important to be sensitive and humble on all platforms but has even greater weight on Twitter. Very often, I see people asking how they should do to get more followers.The answer? By not thinking about it. Again, be honest and do good shit! But it is not just one answer on how to get more followers but also the answer to how to create a good contact with customers on Twitter.

While you listen to what people say about you, you should try to watch as much as possible that is relevant to you. Among other things, you can use Twitter's own search function to search for hashtags and common words. 


Follow Others

The beauty of Twitter is that you see what (almost) all write about. This is great for two reasons. Not only can you communicate with anyone and also, especially if you're new to Twitter, you can follow other companies to see what they do.. 

Imagine yourself all day to read negative comments towards you and your employer. It is not always 100% helpful but often they say for you to use e-mail instead. Why? Twitter, with its limit of 140 characters, not suitable for large cases. Do you prefer that you ask for their email address to be able to explain in a more educational way.

Remember that no one can be everything, but everyone knows something. Humility is the key here. Do not be afraid to say you have done wrong.


Corporate Account

Now it was a while since they were launched, but business accounts is still relatively new to Twitter. You can get a special profile page where you have an advertising banner for account information (such as McDonald's has so). Among other things, you can highlight selected tweets and put them at the top of your feed. If the tweet an image or a movie in itself expands automatically when someone enters the page.

Since Twitter provides three things. Promoted tweets, promoted trends and promoted profile. Promoted Tweets is short, if you buy a tweet in other users' feeds. Using promoted trends ports from the list of current trends and promoted profile lets you get into the box for registered users to follow.