Today, pay special attention to what beginners need to know about SEO marketing. We have compiled 10 great tips that would help you get a better idea of what and how Jacksonville SEO marketing works for your business.

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization or SEO for short is a marketing strategy that can help make your website more search engine-friendly. This aims to increase website traffic and create more awareness about your business or advocacy. SEO can be either off page SEO or on page SEO.

Research Keywords

Keyword research is highly relevant because this determines the keywords used by your target audience. Search engines also rely on keywords so, you need to use the perfect keywords that really reflect your brand and website. You can use some tools that could help you in choosing appropriate keywords that can represent your business.

Right Amount of Keywords

We just found out how important keywords are but you don't need to overuse them in one article as you would get a penalty from Google if you do so. When you try to integrate the keywords in your article, try to use it as natural as you can, like you would in a conversation. Never repeat them more than 3 to 4 times!

Page Titles, Tags & Meta Description

Use unique title tags or tags that are related to the page or post. Meta description must also be filled with the summary of what readers can expect on your post. Search engines also read your meta description.

Create Unique Content

Nowadays, it's way too easy to just copy & paste an article from other blogs and post it on your own blog. This is a bad thing to do for firstly, you might get acused of plagiarism and you don't to get involved in some lawsuits that will just drwin your pockets. Another thing is, plagiarized content is against the guidelines of serach engines.

Use the Power of Backlinks

High ranking blogs use the power of backlinks to create a high credibility. The more backlinks that you have the more credible your website becomes for search engines. Ask satisfied customers to create a review abour your business with a link to your site or you could ask business partners to do so. You can also do some articles, blog comments and guest posting to build a strong number of backlinks.

Optimize Your Images

Having images on your website not only catches the attention of your potential readers but also, increases your traffic if you learn how to optimize them. Use keywords in the description and caption of your images.

Create a Speedy Website

Anyone will feel bummed if a website is taking too much time to load. Faster websites tend to have a higher ranking as it determines a user's overall experience. You can use some cache plugins to optimize your images and result to faster loading.

Well, if things do become too complicated for you to understand, you could also seek the help of an SEO company who have the experience and skills to make your website a star.