Instagram is the social network for pictures. The business benefits for companies are not very obvious as in this guide gives you tips and ideas on how you can use the service to succeed.

Say it with a picture

When Instagram launched in October 2010, it  was a new kind of social network focused entirely on photos. The unique thing was that the images presented in a square format and that the user could apply different filters on them to make them look old and exciting. Thanks to its simplicity, the service grew quickly and became so popular that the giant Facebook chose to buy it in 2012 for a record sum. Instagram now has over 150 million active users and so many people can not be ignored. Both entrepreneurs and celebrities have recently begun to see it as a necessity to start the account and start presenting their life in pictures.

Tips on how to use Instagram as entrepreneurs

Mix funny pictures with pictures from your business

Instagrams user scrolls quickly through their photo streams in search of something that stands out and is interesting for them. When you publish your photos, make sure to mix the funny pictures with images of your products and services to vary up and stand out. If your products or services is not very fun, you can unwind with personal photos of what you do in the office, what the weather is or what you can use the products to.

Have followers

All your followers will get your published images in their stream. More followers means, therefore direct more exposure and more dedication. Here are some tips on how you can increase your followers:

Connect with Facebook

Connect your Instagram to your business page on Facebook so all your photos will be published also on Facebook. In Instagram on the phone, go to Settings → Settings → Facebook Sharing. Accept the connection and then go into the settings again and select the company's Facebook page instead of your private profile.

Follow interesting users

Locate users have with your business, your target market or your industry doing and follow them. Then you see what they publish, and they may also follow you back.

Use hashtags (#)

Insert a hashtag before a word, the word is clickable and your image is categorized with other images that have the same hashtag. Partly makes it that more people have the chance to find your image and also clarifies what you want to say with the picture. You can use multiple hashtags in each picture.

Like and comment on others' pictures

Start a conversation with other users by liking and commenting images you find interesting. The more you talk to others, the more others will talk to you.


You are the expert on your products and services. Inspire your followers by posting pictures showing how to manufacture the product, creative ways on how customers use it and how it works when clients utilize your services. Combine this with personal behind-the-scenes photos from your business. When your followers feel inspired, they are also prone to like and comment, which in turn means that they are one step closer to becoming your customers.


Benefits of using Instagram as entrepreneurs

Instagram is a perfect way to demonstrate to customers and curious that your business is human, fun and active. Many people use Instagram to be inspired and dream away and you will be there, and publish interesting pictures to your audience.

Create a positive image of the company

Using Instagram, you can build up a good image of your company for all your followers. Publish images and often respond to comments to show that the company is active and cares about its customers. When the image of your company are positive increases the chance that followers become customers and also increases understanding of your potential slip.

Get potential customers and business partners

By keeping contact with relevant users of Instagram, you can make contacts that later becomes both customers and business partners. Some deep discussions rarely happen on Instagram but if the spark is lit where your contacts might go on to eg LinkedIn for a more private discussion.


Your product or service may not be as sexy as a trip abroad but certainly there are people who are interested and have it as a major concern. Turn to these people and posting personal pictures that show your product in action, create engagement.