Fun of Yacht Chartering For Your Wedding

The fun of yacht chartering in Singapore gives families, couples, individuals, friends and relatives an exciting chance to see Singapore from a different perspective. Yacht chartering for wedding in Singapore is getting more and more popular.

Did you know that some of the benefits of renting wedding gown in Singapore could be applied to yachts on a larger scale? If you have been thinking of buying, you need to consider the major benefits of yacht rentals first. Having money does not mean that you should spend it on huge purchases. You can do other things that are more worthwhile with your money.

Fun of Yacht Chartering For Your Wedding

Budget friendly

Do you have any idea of how much money it takes to buy your own yacht? The cost ranges from a few tens of thousands of dollars to even millions. Do you think that you will be comfortable to spend such a huge chunk of money on just one purchase?

You can save money by renting a yacht when you need it instead of buying one outright. The savings you make by doing so can be invested in ventures that are more profitable for your business. You will not have to struggle with cash flow.

Fun of Yacht Chartering For Your Wedding

It’s not too expensive!


Long-term value for money

If you own a yacht, its value will keep on decreasing with each given day. If you do not use the vessel each day, then you will lose so much more financially.

Fun of Yacht Chartering For Your Wedding

With yacht rentals however, you only pay for a yacht when you need it for as long as you need it. Depreciation of the vessel is not your problem.


Videographer for your big day…

wedding photographer or videographer?

When I got married, I contemplated on whether to get a videographer for my wedding or not. As much as photography is good, having a motion picture for my wedding is also something cool and a very good memory that I can keep, for my future, or with my friends now. I am glad I finally got one, and here are my experiences to share.

Shop around for a videographer for weddings in Singapore, based on how much the professional is willing to pay. As long as you have a reasonable budget, it is possible for you to find excellent videography services for your needs.

Ask for price estimates based on your wedding date and the time during which the professional will be required to work. As factor in the number of wedding videos, you want to obtain when asking for a quote. You can then come up with a shortlist.

Professional Singapore wedding videography service directories are good sources of information regarding videographers. Check out the ratings and reviews of the professionals listed and select those that come highly recommended. Reputable videographers usually earn their reputation, which makes them worth considering.


Be on the lookout for video samples of the videographer you are interested in hiring. Are you pleased with the way the pictures were taken? If not, more on to other alternatives.

Also, think of the videographer’s availability. Will they be available for the whole of your wedding day? The last thing you want is to hear that your videographer will be available for only part of the day. Who will take care of the remaining part of your wedding day?

Ensure that your videographer is available for the whole day before you hire him. If this is not possible, hire someone else just to be on the safe side.

wedding young couple

Finally…. If you take time to hire the right videographer for your wedding day, you will enjoy the professional benefits that come with that selection.

A beginner’s guide to throwing successful hen parties

Now that your wedding is drawing near, what are on your minds?

The definition of a hen party is here. It can be really fun, all you need is some creativity.

Considering that you only get one chance to celebrate the end of your single life, you need to ensure that your hen party is successful.

So, what is the secret to throwing successful hen parties?

thinking of hen's night?


Traditionally, the process of throwing a hen party has always been the preserve of the bridesmaid. You should ask your bridesmaid if she is willing to plan the party for you. If not, your second option should be your wedding planner. The planner usually has the necessary skills required to throw a successful party.

In order for you to enjoy your hen party, you cannot afford to do the party planning. As a would-be bride, you will end up exhausted if you take on more tasks just before your wedding. By delegating the party planning to a more qualified party, you will end up enjoying the actual event more.

bride-and-groom couples for weddings

Be clear about your preferences

Delegating the party planning process does not mean that everything should proceed without your say so. In fact, as the bride to be, you have the right to veto any issues that crop up.

A hen party is only successful if it makes you very happy. You should be ready to speak up if something makes you uncomfortable. For example, if the theme for the party is to risqué for you, you cannot afford to keep your mouth shut. While having a sexy costume night is one thing, hiring strippers may be a no-no for you.

Ensure therefore that your preferences are taken into consideration when a hen party is being planned on your behalf. You only get one chance, after all.

bride and bridesmaid

Think outside the box

You need to approach your hen party creatively. Opt for activities that you do not usually do. Some of the things you can do for your hen party include organizing for a scavenger hunt, camping outdoors, having a cocktail party that requires everyone to dress up, hosting a gambling night party, and a professional cooking class.


How to Select Wedding Shoes Through Online Research

Are you excited for your big day?

Maybe right now you have already gotten your gown and suits. The gown and accessories may be easy to get. However, you may need to do a bit of online research to obtain the shoes that you want for the wedding.

Choosing the best wedding shoes in Singapore takes a while. Are you ready?

beautiful wedding heels

List Your Preferences and Requirements

The first step to doing online research on wedding shoes is to list all your requirements and preferences. These may be determined by other prevailing factors.

What is the length of your wedding gown? What color is your wedding gown? Would you prefer high heels or flats shoes? Do you prefer simple or decorated shoes?

By deciding on what you want, your wedding shoes to be like well in advance, you will be able to cut down on the time you take to find something you want.

wedding loves

Set your budget

Wedding shoes in Singapore are likely to be much cheaper than in most western countries. However, you still need to set a reasonable budget if you want to buy an excellent pair. Setting a price range to work with also makes it easy for you to narrow down your shoe search even further.

golden shoes for wedding

Searching Online

If you decide on shopping online, you need to select the shoes that you want and place an order. Be sure that there is a good refund policy in place in case your shoes of choice do not fit. Otherwise, your money will be wasted and you will still have no shoes for your wedding. Ensure that the delivery period is short. The risk of not getting the right shoe by the time your wedding day arrives is too great.

Be willing to check shoes reviews and ratings online. You want to be sure that the shoes you like are actually comfortable and of good quality in reality. If they are not, consider alternatives.